Passion + expertise + usefulness = Dharma

Dharma is a Sanskrit word. Like many other words in this language, it doesn’t have a perfect English translation. Loosely, dharma means “one’s calling.” Dharma is the intersection of passion, skills and usefulness. Enlightenment In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviours that are considered to be in accord with Ṛta, the order that makes life and universe […]

To-do’s and to-be’s

Alongside your to-do list, try making a to-be list. the good news is you’re not making your list longer – these are not items you can check off or complete – but the exercise is a reminder that achieving your goals with intention means living up to the values that drive those goals. Example Let’s […]

Selling 101

People want to buy Process** Product Market Bring insight that is beyond the obvious. Educate and enlighten. Giving them things they don’t know. Reading a brochure is showing. Repeating information is showing. You want to be selling. Selling ain’t hard when you know how. ABC

Lead with what’s in it for your prospect

So many salespeople, entrepreneurs, and even freelancers employ a sales strategy that ignores what they’re really selling their prospects: Solutions to problems. When you lead your sales pitch by urgently diving straight into the different packages, price points and special promotions your prospect can take advantage of by signing up this week, you’re immediately showing them that you […]