Just hanging around

Hang around with people who are richer than you. Hang around with people who are fitter then you. Hang around with people who know more than you. And watch how quickly your life will improve.


A different version of you exist in the minds of everyone who knows you. I read a book that blew my mind. The main character goes crazy when he realizes no one really knows him. The gist is that the person you think of as “yourself” exist only for you, and even you don’t really […]

The Queen’s Gambit

Every man needs a woman, but sex doesn’t hold a man. What holds a man is the way you treat him and be by his side in difficult times. Like a game of chess, the queen always protect the king.

Part 2

Ongoing Learning & Achievement – We must have grit and a growth mindset, to achieve academic, career and personal success; in order to overcome lack of concentration, productivity and progress. Worthiness & Self Confidence – We must gain greater self awareness, self acceptance and self compassion, to increase worthiness, influence and power; to overcome lack of self belief and […]

Risk Taking & Courage

To thrive and have a meaningful life, we must become more courageous, curious, open to new experiences and see uncertainty and failure as opportunities, to obtain greater abundance, prosperity and Courage; in order to overcome fear and worry about the future. Emotional Wellbeing – We must harness positive emotions, to obtain peace, tranquility, happiness, harmony and balance; in […]