In our industry people invest in what they already perceive as valuable. At Quantasy we have a different perspective on what valuable means. We value culture and the people who create it. We value real stories of struggle, perseverance, and triumph no matter where they come from. Our ultimate goal is to disrupt the industry […]

Magical feedback

Researchers discovered that one particular form of feedback boosted student effort and performance so immensely that they deemed it “magical feedback.” Students who received it chose to revise their papers far more often than students who did not, and their performance improved significantly. The feedback was not complicated. In fact, it consisted of one simple […]

Belonging cues language

Belonging cues are behaviors that create safe connection in groups. They include, among others, proximity, eye contact, energy, mimicry, turn taking, attention, body language, vocal pitch, consistency of emphasis, and whether everyone talks to everyone else in the group. Like any language, belong cues can’t be reduced to an isolated moment but rather consist of […]

Successful culture interaction patterns

The pattern was located not in the big things but in little moments of social connection. These interactions are consistent whether the group was a military unit or a movie studio or an inner-city school. Here’s a list: Close physical proximity, often in circles Profuse amounts of eye contact Lots of short, energetic exchanges (no […]

12 riches of life

A positive mental attitude Sound physical health Harmony in human relationships Freedom from fear The hope of achievement The capacity for faith Willingness to share one’s blessings A labor of love An open mind for all subjects Self-discipline The capacity to understand Economic security

High-level team players

Putting junior people in charge makes them better. It makes them understand what is going on above their pay grades and how their jobs tie into the mission. It is one of the best possible ways to develop junior team members to become not only better at their jobs but better leaders in the future. […]