Self compassion

Practice in the Moment Embracing the benefits of self-compassion is the first step. Then the question is how to foster it. Here is a set of core practices to get you started. The easiest place to start is with a five- to 20-second exercise that can be integrated into your day: when starting a meeting, […]

Sell by educating

Sales 101 People want to buy Process** Product Market Bring insight that is beyond the obvious. Educate and enlighten. Giving them things they don’t know. Reading a brochure is showing. Repeating information is showing. You want to be selling. Selling ain’t hard when you know how. ABC


In our industry people invest in what they already perceive as valuable. At Quantasy we have a different perspective on what valuable means. We value culture and the people who create it. We value real stories of struggle, perseverance, and triumph no matter where they come from. Our ultimate goal is to disrupt the industry […]