12 riches of life

A positive mental attitude Sound physical health Harmony in human relationships Freedom from fear The hope of achievement The capacity for faith Willingness to share one’s blessings A labor of love An open mind for all subjects Self-discipline The capacity to understand Economic security

High-level team players

Putting junior people in charge makes them better. It makes them understand what is going on above their pay grades and how their jobs tie into the mission. It is one of the best possible ways to develop junior team members to become not only better at their jobs but better leaders in the future. […]

Read books

Reading books doesn’t change your life in and of itself, but it opens the doorway to that change in your life. One great book can change your entire life. Books can inspire you, expand your mind, and open your eyes to what’s possible. Great books often contain years or decades of knowledge from the author. […]


As human beings, we have a strong tedency to get defensive. Don’t. Instead of getting defensive, listen, truly listen, and try to understand the perspective being offered. Then take ownership of those shortfalls and try to make improvements in the ares of critique you have received.