21 Day Abundance: Day 20

Today I treat myself to moments of luxury.


Scroll through your journal, read the tasks you’ve performed.

See if there is something that you missed. Would you like to supplement anything in the light of your new awareness?

After that, think about someone in your life and/or environment who seems to be unhappy or going through a challenging time. This person may complain often and have a generally negative view of life.

It could be someone from the 7th day list or someone else.

Share the parable from Day 19 with this person and write down what happens in your journal.

How did you feel sharing the parable with him / her? What thoughts, associations, sensations arose in the process?

Did they answer? Did you talk about it, what did you discuss?
You never know whose life you can impact and shift when you share with them what you’ve learned. 🙌🙃


“Live on the fat of the land.”

Today we look at the concept of luxury, adding to your life something that is much more significant than just a necessity.

When you feel that you are worthy to receive all the blessings that the Universe can offer you, your needs are satisfied easily and even more than necessary. As soon as you learn to accept the grace that has been sent to you, you are showing the universe that you deserve only the best and are ready to receive it.

QUESTION 1: How is luxury manifested in your life?

QUESTION 2: What luxurious gifts do you present yourself?

QUESTION 3: How can you bring luxury to others?


“Today I treat myself to moments of luxury.”


Om Ritam

Audio: https://youtu.be/tkHWv8kBNi8

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