Your competition is you.

Outdoing yourself is your daily task, and that’s where your comparison should be directed: on the person you were yesterday. If you want to be the greatest version of yourself, you have to keep the focus on your own life and goals.

No two single journeys are the same. You’re on your own path. We all move through life at our own pace and reach different stages at different times. Someone else might already be at the most interesting part of their show while you’re still making preparations behind the scene for yours. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get your opportunity to get on stage and shine.

Look at other people’s lives and applaud their successes. And then continue to pursue your own. Be grateful for what you have right now. And remember how far you’ve come as you continue in the direction of your dreams.


It’s vital to remember that you cannot change others unless they want to change themselves. You can influence them and facilitate change, but you cannot make them change. And they’ll only decide to change when they have incentive — such as a better life or a better relationship with you. If they don’t identify a problem with their way of being, they won’t be motivated to change.

— Vex King Book

To skip or not to skip

Most people want to skip the process, not knowing that when you skip steps, you miss lessons… If you start small and build on what you have, you can continue to multiply that into something greater, while picking up all of the valuable lessons along the way.


“A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself. A soulmate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt just how capable you are of becoming exactly who you have always wanted to be.” – Unknown

When you’re obsessed:

Work-life balance is irrelevant. There’s no separation between work and life.

Playing the game is more than winning. Which is exactly why you win.

Every word, every step, every action, moves you closer towards an ever-expanding vision of yourself. You see what could be possible. And every day you see more.

It’s just you. It’s just life.

Make yourself a priority

It’s not selfish or a sign of weakness to distance yourself or walk away from those who constantly bring down your vibe. Life is about balance. It’s about spreading kindness, but it’s also about not letting anyone take that kindness away from you.

It is much easier to see the good in life when you’re around positive people.


Begin with the end in mind

Imagine your future and then create it.

When you know what you want and create a plan to achieve it, you can work backward to what you need to do each day to succeed.

All while enjoying the journey. The destination is inevitable.

Good vibes only

“Self-love and raising the level of your vibration go hand in hand. When you make an effort to raise your vibration, you show yourself the love and care you deserve. You’ll feel good and attract good. By taking positive actions and changing your mindset, you’ll manifest greater things. By loving yourself, you’ll live a life you love.” – Good Vibes, Good Life book