4 types of wealth

  1. Financial Wealth (Money)
  2. Social Wealth (Support)
  3. Time Wealth (Freedom)
  4. Health Wealth (Physical & Mental)

Examples of Financial Wealth:

  • Money In The Bank
  • Accumulated Assets
  • Net Worth
  • Investments

Examples Of Social Wealth:

  • Strong Family Ties
  • Lasting Friendships
  • Social Connectedness
  • A Sense Of Belonging
  • Positive Interactions
  • Being Part Of A Community
  • Fulfillment
  • Self Confidence

Examples Of Time Wealth:

  • Financial Independence
  • Early Retirement
  • Earning Passive Income
  • Having Time For Family/Friends
  • Freedom To Pursue Your Passions
  • Slow Travel

Examples Of Health Wealth:

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Healthy Eating & Portion Control
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Living A Stress-Free Life
  • Living With Purpose
  • Properly Managing Your Thoughts
  • Positive Thinking

6 habits that’ll make you wiser

Starve your ‘distractions’. Focus only and only on what matters to you. If anything doesn’t help make you happier, healthier or wealthier, that’s a distraction.

Read the ‘unknown’. Reading outside your scope and desired fields helps you gain whole new perspectives.

Challenge ‘yourself’. Learning something new, exploring the unknown and doing what haunts you can take you to new mental heights.

Learn your ‘psychology’. Analyze your own thoughts and actions and understand your own motivations. Looking at yourself from outside of yourself is the key here.

Discipline your ‘thoughts’. Gaining mental clarity is a must to determine what you’re doing is the right thing and what your next ‘smart’ move should be.

Feed your ‘curiosity’. Curiosity often questions conventional wisdoms, dogmas and existing mindset. Leaving your curiosity unfed is avoiding challenges and growth.


Become friends with people who are not your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class. This is how you grow.

Friends pt. 2

Your friends brag about you, say your name in rooms of opportunity, hold you accountable with softness and love, celebrate your wins as their wins, have more compliments for you than shade, encourage new experiences and growth.

This is the basic criteria. Assess your circle.