Big Rocks, Pebbles and Sand: How To Make Things Happen

Big Rocks are things like your bucket list items, non-negotiable goals, your dreams, your true + authentic desires, things you can do to make your business more successful, things that fulfill you, things you can do to make this a healthier and happier world for yourself and others, etc. (Healthy lifestyle, travel, quality time with loved ones, launch or grow a business, your faith or spirituality, etc.)

Pebbles are the things you love to do or need to do but they aren’t crucial to your happiness, success, or fulfillment. (House projects, watching your favorite TV show, book club, piano lessons, etc.)

Sand is your mundane day to day tasks. (Checking emails, laundry, walking the dog, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.

The jar is your life, your time, your energy, your budget, your resources, etc. You only get one jar.

Reference: A Kind Journey