21 Day Abundance: Day 17

I move through my days lighthearted and care-free knowing all this is well.


Create a list of all the important things you have. Material, spiritual, emotional, etc.

For example:

I have a smartphone to be in touch with the world
I have a credit card to pay bills
I have a real friendship
I have internet
I have an affection for husband, wife or partner
I have memories
I have an education
I have a favorite city …

There are no high or low limits in the things you can write down. Recognize everything you have that matters to you.


I lead my feelings and choose to feel whole, healthy, abundant and blessed.


‎״ I move through my days lighthearted and care-free knowing all is well ”


Sat Chit Ananda
Sat Chit Ananda


Today we look at how we can live carefree – free from judgment and anxiety, focusing on the joy and perfection of what is right now.

By meditating and plunging into the awareness of the present moment, you understand that it is at this moment, everything is perfect and is what it should be.
And that any problems that you have are transient and temporary.

You reconnect with your True Self, feeling lighter and free.

Throughout life, you will begin to look at everyday circumstances easily and meet surprises calmly and with grace.

Question 1: How do you feel when you wake up every morning?

Question 2: How much would your life improve if you lived with a light and carefree heart?

Question 3: How can you switch your mind to spread the love and joy that you feel in your heart right now?

Sending you love today❤

Audio: https://youtu.be/lb68g268M-I

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