Deadlines & tribes

This is the big secret. This is how you get deadlines to work (without breaking them) – effortlessly. This is how you enter the “just get it done” mentality (without overthinking) – effortlessly.

Your brain is wired to keep up with whatever tribes you’re a part of. When you’re surrounded by a tribe of people who are getting things done at an insane rate, your brain is wired to FORCE YOU to keep up with them – and also get things done at an insane rate.

Conversely, when you’re surrounded by a tribe of people who make excuses and get nothing done and output low-level work – then that’s what YOU end up doing too.

It can be summed up in a phrase I’m sure you’ve heard before: “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

This is also why if you lose a ton of weight, your significant other & family generally tries to cut you down if they’re still overweight (you’re not part of the tribe anymore!). Or why “the rich get richer” (because they hang around other wealthy people, which leads to new ways of thinking… and deals being made… and advantages that people without that tribe will never know).

The point is that the easiest way to level up your life in any specific way is to find a tribe of people who have exactly what you want… and then just join them. That’s it.

It slowly starts to change your thinking and actions and behaviors to match the tribe.


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