Conversation starters

  1. Remember there’s no such thing as a “perfect line.”
    Be the first to say hello. The worst thing they can do is reject you. Chances are, they’ll be happy you introduced yourself.
  2. Use what you already know to your advantage.
    If you’re at the same party, chances are you were invited by the same person, so you can ask, “what’s your connection to the host or hostess?”
  3. Don’t ask “How are you?”
  4. Instead, say “Tell me about you.”
  5. Ask, “Catch me on your life since the last time I saw you.”
  6. Ask someone what keeps them busy.
  7. It’s okay to offer your opinion, but give the other person a chance to offer theirs, too.
  8. Offer verbal cues.
    As someone is talking to you, ask simple questions so they know you’re listening and paying attention. Oh, what did you mean by that? What happened first? What happened next? I see. Well, that must have been tough.
  9. Body language is everything.
    You’ll be a more successful conversationalist if you look approachable. “Even if you feel serious and or overwhelmed by walking into a room where you don’t know anyone, try to find a smile to put on your face”

Credit: The Cut / Katie Berohn

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