Build confidence with these sayings

  1. “I wouldn’t worry about it.” – Confident individuals understand that even if something goes wrong, they can handle it. It’s the persistent feeling that regardless of what happens–good or bad–they will cope.
  2. “Go for it.” – Along with a lack of anxiety comes a sense of optimism. Truly confident people expect good things to happen.
  3. “Doing it this way works for me.” – Confident individuals don’t feel compelled to conform to gain acceptance from others. This is the central beauty of confidence–the calm self-assurance that makes others want to follow.
  4. Why not me?” – Instead of waiting around for the next opportunity, confident people seek it out.
  5. “I need to say something.” – Confident people take a stand when it comes to matters of right and wrong yet possess the wisdom to understand which battles are worth fighting.
  6. “Tell me more.” – Confident people listen far more than they talk, are naturally curious, and express a genuine interest in others.
  7. “Can you help me?” – Everyone has weaknesses, but the self-assured are not afraid to admit them. Instead of worrying what others will think if they ask for help, confident people are more concerned with self-improvement, gaining valuable skills, and performing a job well.


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